Corporate Profile

We have been the largest road logistics company in Brazil for 21 years. With 65 years of history, we have the largest and most integrated logistics services portfolio in Brazil, offering customized services with long-term contracts and unique operating base capillarity for over 16 economic sectors.

28 mil people

Employees including 208 managers +9 Years average term


Perational assets


Registered trck drivers

1,000,000 m²


+300 branches

In all Brazilian States

+1.300 clients

Top 10 with +24 years customer services


All Brazilian States 6 South America countries and South Africa.

We are recognized for our long-term relationship with our clients, truck drivers and our people, who make a difference in our business.

We are present in our customers’ production process and in the main links in the raw material movement chain for industries and finished products supplying Brazil and the world. Below is a graphical representation of the presence of JSL and each of its acquired companies:



Raw material

Raw material loading and transport

Industries supply



Internal movement of goods

Inventory management

Milk Run


Cargo Transportation

Freight transport

Cross docking dried, refrigered, frozen, container, stork, tank, etc



Storage, separation and management of stocks


Last mile

Supply os fry and refrigerated retail (B2B)

E-commerce (B2C)


Waste collection

Waste transport to landfills