Material Fact – Acquisition of Borgato – Agreement Signature

JSL S.A. (“JSL” or “Company”), (B3:JSLG3), a publicly-held company, following the Material Facts disclosed on October 18, 2017, November 24, 2017 and December 06, 2017 concerning the acquisition of the entire capital of of Borgato Maquinas S.A., Borgato Serviços Agrícolas S.A. and Borgato Caminhões S.A. (“Borgato Companies” and “Transaction”), hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that, on this date, the purchase and sale agreement between the shareholders of Borgato Companies and Vamos Locação de Caminhões, Máquinas e Equipamentos S.A., a company controlled by JSL, was signed and contains all the regulating terms and conditions applicable to the Transaction.The conclusion of the Transaction is subject to the terms and conditions that are common for this type of negotiation, including the decision from the General Superintendence of the Administrative Counsel of Economic Defense (“CADE”), which approved the Transaction without restrictions.

JSL will maintain its shareholders and the market in general updated with information on the Transaction.

São Paulo, December 08, 2017

Denys Marc Ferrez
Investor Relations Officer