JSL reports traditional EBITDA margin of 17.4% in 2Q11, 4.4 p.p. up on 2Q10


  • Total gross revenue of R$654.5 million (+36.7%) in 2Q11 and R$1.210 billion (+33.0%) in 1H11;
  • Gross revenue from Services of R$547.4 million in 2Q11 (+21.0%) and R$1.042 billion (+21.4%) in 1H11, represented by:
    +45.6% in Management and Outsourcing in 2Q11 and +44.4% in 1H11;
    +13.5% in Revenue from Same Contracts (RSC) in 2Q11 and +8.7% in 1H11;
  • Net Income of R$9.1 million (+35.0%) in 2Q11 and R$24.4 million (+172.6%) in 1H11;
  • Traditional EBITDA of R$101.6 million (+84.1%) in 2Q11 and R$187.0 million (+76.7%) in 1H11
    EBITDA Margin of 17.4% (+4.4 p.p.) in 2Q11 and 17.2% (+4.1 p.p.) in 1H11;
  • EBITDA from Services of R$106.4 million (+86.1%) in 2Q11 and R$192.4 million (+80.0%) in 1H11
    EBITDA Margin of 22.0% (+7.7 p.p.) in 2Q11 and 20.8% (+6.7 p.p.) in 1H11;
  • EBITDA-A of R$180.4 million (+115.6%) in 2Q11, and R$326.6 million (+107.1%) in 1H11
    EBITDA-A Margin of 30.8% (+11.2 p.p.) in 2Q11 and 30.1% (+10.6 p.p.) in 1H11;
  • Investments of R$275.9 million in 2Q11, 64.9% directed to business expansion.

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