JSL launches differentiated truck rental business in Brazil

This company, which already sells used vehicles, is launching a pioneering initiative in Brazil

JSL, the company with the broadest portfolio of logistics services in Brazil and leader in its segment in terms of net revenue, is expanding its commercial operations to offer truck rental services. Presented during the FENATRAN – 18th International Transport Fair, an event taking place between October 24 and 28, JSL Aluguel de Caminhões (JSL Truck Rental) is the first business with this rental model in the country and will absorb initial investments of R$7.5 million.

The new business will serve both companies and individuals. According to Fernando Antônio Simões, JSL’s CEO, it is a market niche that has yet to be explored in Brazil. “Our proposal is different from what is already practiced in the country. JSL will serve companies that need to replace vehicles being serviced or meet the increase in demand. It can also meet an individual’s specific cargo transportation needs within a specific time frame,” he explains.

In addition to daily, weekly and monthly agreements, the business will offer leasing for longer periods and prices will vary in accordance with the rental term. The idea is to bring the concept of customized service, which is already a routine in the Company‘s logistics solution, to the rental of trucks.

To this end, JSL will offer a toll-free number to handle market demand. This team will be responsible for the initial contact with clients and will direct them to an appropriate technical team that will design a customized solution.

The truck models available for rental will be: Iveco 35S14 (box body and bed), Volkswagen 8.150 (box and bed), Volkswagen 24.250 (box, bed and dump body), Volkswagen 26.260 (dump body and tank), Scania G380 (truck tractor 6×2), Volkswagen 19.320 (truck tractor 4×2), in addition to any other model requested by clients.

JSL, which already sells used vehicles, decided to launch this pioneering flexible business model, after identifying market needs. “This market is already being explored in the U.S. and in Europe, but we are the first company to do something along these lines in Brazil. The country’s growth prospects for the upcoming years makes this market very attractive. Our clients become more competitive, as they do not have to worry about issues like maintenance and are able to rely on the expertise of a renowned company,” said Fernando Antônio Simões.

JSL Aluguel de Caminhões (JSL Truck Rental):
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0800 195755

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