Announcement of Conclusion of the Primary Public Distribution of Common Shares *

JULIO SIMÕES LOGÍSTICAS.A. (“Company”), BANCO BRADESCO BBI S.A. (“Lead Manager”), BANCO DE INVESTIMENTOS CREDIT SUISSE (BRASIL) S.A. (“Credit Suisse”), BANCO BTG PACTUAL S.A. (“BTG Pactual”) and BB BANCO DE INVESTIMENTO S.A. (“BB-BI” and, jointly with the Lead Manager and Credit Suisse and BTG Pactual, the “Offering Managers”), announce the conclusion of the public primary distribution of 59,737,853 registered book-entry common shares with no par value issued by the Company and free and clear of all encumbrances (“Common Shares” or “Shares” and “Offering”, respectively), at the price of $8.00 per Common Share (“Price per Share”), for the total amount of: R$ 477,902,824.00.

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