Area four of the metropolitan region of São Paulo: this includes the municipalities of Biritiba Mirim, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Guararema, Itaquaquecetuba, Mogi das Cruzes, Poá, Salesópolis, Suzano and São Paulo.

BRC: British Retail Consortium Global Standards for Food Safety, specific food storage certification.

Cross-selling: A practice that involves selling products and providing additional services to existing customers.

EBITDA: In accordance with CVM Circular Letter nº 1/2005, this is earnings before financial income (expenses) net of income tax and social contribution, minority interest, depreciation and amortization. EBITDA is not a measure according to accounting practices adopted in Brazil, does not represent the cash flow for the years shown and should not be regarded as an alternative to net income or as an alternative to cash flow as an indicator of the Company’s liquidity. EBITDA has no standardized meaning and the definition of EBITDA used by JSL may not be comparable to those used by other companies.

EBITDA-A or Added EBITDA: Corresponds to EBITDA plus the residual accounting cost of the sale of fixed assets, which does not represent operating cash disbursement, since it is merely an accounting representation of the write-off of the assets at the time of their disposal. Therefore, it is the opinion of the Company’s Management that EBITDA-A is a more appropriate practical indicator than traditional EBITDA as an approximation of cash generation, in such a way as to gauge the Company’s ability to meet its financial obligations.

Eliminations: offsetting of the amounts inherent to the operations carried out between JSL Logística, JSL Concessionárias and Movida, which therefore have no effect on JSL Consolidated numbers.

Management and Outsourcing or Management and Outsourcing of Fleet/Equipment: Management and outsourcing services provided by JSL by means of fleets made up of light and heavy vehicles, including scaling activities and services added to the fleet, machinery and equipment.

IPO: From the English Initial Public Offering, the abbreviation IPO refers to Initial Public Offering.

JSL Concessionárias de Veículos or Concessionárias: Merged into JSL in February 2012, it is a holding company with a network of light and heavy vehicle dealerships along with an insurance brokerage. The light vehicle dealerships are under the Volkswagen, Fiat and Ford brands, while the heavy vehicle dealerships are under the MAN brand. It consolidates the companies Original Veículos Ltda., Avante Veículos Ltda., Ponto Veículos Ltda., Transrio Caminhões, Ônibus, Máquinas e Motores Ltda., Vintage Corretora e Administradora de Seguros Ltda.

JSL Locações Ltda. or GTF: Rental of vehicles, machinery and equipment with or without a driver, with fleet management and maintenance.

JSL Logística: Includes the results of JSL’s logistics operations as well as those of Schio.

EBITDA Margin: Ratio between EBITDA (with positive or negative impact from the Sale of Assets) and Net Revenue from Services (does not take into account the revenue from the Sale of Assets).

Movida Participações S.A. or Movida: Consolidates all the rent a car (RAC) activities operated by Movida Rent a Car Ltda., along with fleet management and outsourcing activities (GTF), carried out by JSL Locações Ltda.

Movida Rent a Car Ltda. or RAC: This represents the consolidation of the information from Movida Ltda. and APTA Ltda., companies acquired in December 2013, which provide daily, monthly and annual rental of light vehicles to individuals and companies.

Schio or Rodoviário Schio: Company merged into JSL in December 2011, being the Brazilian market leader in the logistics of temperature controlled products, with a turnover of R$444 million in 2011.