Julio Simões Institute

In order to ensure that our private social investment is distributed fairly between the communities in which we operate, we set up Julio Simões Institute, which carries out both its own projects as well as joint projects with other institutions. What motivates us is the goal of contributing to improve life in the communities, especially those that are closer to and more integrated with JSL’s operations.Working in a network, the Institute supports other organizations known for the performance of their actions. Therefore, by means of their partnership with the Julio Simões Institute, they can boost their multiplication potential, enabling them to go further than they could go alone.

In 2017 approximately R$2 million was allocated to projects based on fiscal incentive laws, in comparison to the R$1.9 million figure that was made available in 2016 and the R$1.6 million in 2015. The number of beneficiaries, calculated based on the number of projects implemented, totaled 31,752 in 2017, 41,599 in 2016 and 54,309 in 2015.

In all, 57 of the JSL group’s subsidiaries/stores took part in the social actions, campaigns and projects carried out by Julio Simões Institute in 2017, representing 11.10%5 of the Company’s operations. In addition to the programs that are already under way, the Institute also supports independent projects, by means of fixed donations to social institutions and NGOs, which in 2017 benefited 2,712 people.

We also donated transport for local community projects and projects in connection with some institution, and in 2017 2,208 people benefited from this action.

Julio Cidadão

Held since 2007, the Julio Cidadão project encourages volunteer work and promotes relief in hospital treatment by means of “clown doctors”. Developed in partnership with the NGO Canto Cidadão, the project trains and monitors the volunteers who work in hospitals and ILPIs (Long Stay Institutions for the Elderly) in Mogi das Cruzes and in the surrounding region. In 2017, 2,371 people were cared for, including patients, companions and professionals.

Cultural Gymkhana

Cultural Gymkhana – Everybody together with a single objective, formerly called Social Gymkhana, fosters the culture of volunteering at JSL, making it possible for all the employees and their families to contribute to the integration between employees, the company and communities by means of collection and donation activities and actions in NGOs or public spaces. In 2017, 11 groups were enrolled, with 1,894 volunteers taking part, 9 social institutions and 3 Public Spaces being benefited (cleaning of squares, school façades, increasing awareness among pedestrians).

Christmas of Emotions

This campaign, which was launched in 2016, combines in a single project the employees who are interested in Julio Simões Institute’s social projects, as well as encouraging volunteer work and solidarity at all JSL units. Every year, the campaign benefits children, the elderly and people with special needs.

In 2017, 10,079 personal hygiene items were donated to nursing homes (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, geriatric diapers and soap), 571 elderly people were sponsored and given presents, and 17 beneficiary institutions and 597 volunteers were involved.

Carreta Treinamento

A traveling movie theater! This is the Carreta Treinamento project, which goes all over Brazil offering training, theater, culture, music and entertainment, always with a focus on the following themes: defensive driving, drug use, child sexual abuse and exploitation, and children’s and adolescents’ rights. In all, in 2017, there were 2,870 people took part in lectures, training courses and presentations.

Do you want it? You can!

The Julio Simões Center for Memory and Culture launched the project in August 2012, and since then it has served students from the municipality of Mogi das Cruzes’ public-school network. By means of visits to the Julio Simões Center for Memory and Culture, they have the chance to get to know the most significant episodes in the history of the entrepreneur and founder of JSL and of the Institute, Julio Simões, and are encouraged to improve skills and competences that increase their chances of achievement. In 2017, a total of 4,413 students visited the space.

Julio Simões Center for Memory and Culture

In addition to the project “Do you want it? You can!”, the Julio Simões Center for Memory and Culture – which was created in order to tell the story of the founder Julio Simões’ determination, work, simplicity and honesty -, also receives visits from new employees and customers, with the auditorium being made available for training courses, lecturesand social events. In 2017, 3,200 people were attended.

5 In order to calculate the percentage the following were taken into account: 232 JSL subsidiaries + 183 Movida stores + 58 Movida Semi New Vehicle stores + 12 JSL Semi New Vehicle stores + 28 dealerships.