Based on its competitive differentiators, leading position in logistics services and growing importance in the light and heavy vehicle rental segments, JSL looks to the future with attention to growth opportunities for the Group’s companies. Under the responsibility of the Board of Directors, our strategic planning is conducted by the executive leadership, which has a specific board for the subject and key performance indicators focused on aspects such as operational efficiency, service level, economic-financial balance of controlled companies, increase of market share, investments in capital projects and robustness of the Group’s capital structure. Our value lies in the sum of consistent operating results, which is maximized by companies gathered in a single group with a strong culture focused on work, people, services and know-how in asset management. This structure allows the company to allocate resources with transparency, maximize opportunities in specific markets, grow in underexplored sectors and fund assets for more attractive costs and terms. In line with the projects conducted in recent years, JSL’s business strategy covers the following axes:

  • Expansion of the range os services in active clients
    Enhance cross-selling opportunities in clients, expanding services provided with customized innovative solutions.
  • Search for synergies between the businesses
    Large companies are part of our structure, generating new opportunities for new additional business.
  • Expansion and diversification of the client portfolio
    Offer innovative solutions for logistics services, for new companies and for sectors which are still little explored.
  • Customization of services
    Be at the client’s disposal, focusing on increasing their productivity and optimizing their processes.
  • Introduction of new services in the current portfolio 
    Develop new projects that may be added to the existing portfolio, boosting logistics integration.
  • Sector diversification
    Expand sustainable growth opportunities and mitigate possible risks without becoming dependent on any specific business sector.
  • Accelerated growth through strategic acquisitions
    Expand participation in strategic segments and geographic regions, with new possibilities of cross-selling, in addition to organic growth.
  • Increasing the added value of services provided
    Maximize the return on invested capital by adding new services with the same level of assets, or even with low need of investment for the replacement of assets to expand operations, which increases the added value of the contract with potential to generate more revenue.

Competitive Advantages

Our competitive advantages emphasize excellence in the provision of services in an integrated, flexible and customized manner, prioritizing the customers‘ needs, enhancing the dialogue and the long lasting relationship with our stakeholders. Among them are:

  • Leadership and robust history of growth
    We are leaders or have an important position in the segments where we operate, and we intend to grow more in areas with clear opportunities to increase market share.
  • People with expertise in customization
    Attention to team development and training results in engagement for the development and implementation of products and services that fulfill the needs of each customer.
  • Business, service and customer diversification
    We operate through six independent companies that offer a comprehensive portfolio of services in more than 16 economic sectors. This way, we can achieve large scale, loyalty, expanded agreements and cross-selling in the JSL Group.
  • Operational competence
    We are recognized for our service level combined with the generation of benefits for customers, with improved productivity in logistics chain and benefits related to competitiveness.
  • Opportunity of consolidation in logistics
    The need for investments makes Brazil promising in infrastructure and logistics, and JSL is positioned as the largest company in the sector in a highly fragmented market.
  • Market recognition
    The Group’s positive reputation is based on its attributes of innovation, quality and safety, and its ability to anticipate and understand customer needs over more than six decades.
  • Average fleet age
    The high capillarity in the distribution of assets contributes to the renewal of JSL’s fleet, which is younger than the national average, reflecting the efficient model for asset sales and negotiation and alliance with large groups.