Organizational Profile

Operating in the market since 1956 and with clients from various sectors of the Brazilian economy, JSL S.A., which has its administrative head office in the municipality of Mogi das Cruzes, in the State of São Paulo, is the company with the largest portfolio of logistics services in Brazil, being the leader in the segment in which it operates. We operate throughout Brazil (21 Brazilian states) as well as in three other Mercosur countries (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay), and we provide high added value services, ranging from freight transportation to the total outsourcing of logistics chains, always in an integrated, flexible, customized and agile way.

Our history was built on a solid principle: understanding customers in order to serve them with quality and agility. The company’s performance and its leadership position in the Brazilian market is due to its ability to plan, implement and operate customized services, in line with the needs and specific characteristics of each client.

With a pioneering approach and a leadership position in the logistics market, every year we continue to exhibit greater solidity and credibility in all businesses, reinforcing the connection between our various products and services. We maintain a constant pace and our actions are very well directed, always with a focus on diversifying our business and looking for new opportunities.

All this began in the late 1960s, when Mr. Julio Simões founded the current JSL S.A. (B3: JSLG3). Ever since then, we have been offering innovative solutions for the needs of a rapidly developing market, in which we are at the forefront.

The dream of a better future of the young Portuguese immigrant who left his homeland became a reality, and went far beyond what he himself had imagined. JSL’s more than 60 years’ existence means that it has a very substantial knowledge of the market, with the country’s largest portfolio of logistics services.

“Understand in order to Serve” continues to be our motto, since this objective is at the very core of the company’s history and of the values of Mr. Julio Simões, who in Mogi das Cruzes took the first steps towards the Company’s consolidation, with a great deal of effort, boldness, work and attention to growth opportunities.

By the end of 2016 the company employed more than 23,000 people and negotiated with around 500 clients in 16 sectors of the economy, and even with the country’s political and economic challenges, we continue to work with determination, improving our actions in order to serve and understand our customers.

Always looking at the specific characteristics of the business and the resulting specific demands from customers, over the course of our history we have developed a solid portfolio of solutions in logistics, offering them in a personalized way to each company. Our services encompass all stages of logistics, from the initial moment, such as the management of the flow of inputs, to the final stage of consumption, arriving at reverse logistics.

By the end of 2016, JSL Group had more than 110,000 operating assets. Our portfolio of services includes Movida‘s activities, a company for renting vehicles to individuals and legal entities, which ended 2017 with 183 car rental stores, 58 semi-new vehicles stores and 75,860 cars. For the sale of our heavy assets, we currently have 16 JSL Seminovos stores.

In addition, we have 28 JSL Dealerships of light and heavy vehicles, which operate in an independent but complementary way, in relation to the other activities. The dealerships contribute to conserving one of the country’s youngest fleets, and JSL Leasing collaborates in the implementation of financial and operational leasing.

With the implementation of the SAP system at JSL Logística, in 2016, we started the automation of processes in a number of areas such as Finance, Purchasing and Accounting, among others; we have begun tracking and monitoring management information and have reduced deadlines, along with other benefits. The new tool made it possible to improve the efficiency of management and decision making inside the company. In 2017 we concluded the process of implementing the system at JSL and began to implement it at Movida.

In the face of so much positive news, it can be seen that our leadership in the Brazilian market is a tangible result of our capacity and ability to plan, implement and operate tailor-made services. In addition to this, we also adhere to a policy of diversification and rapid structural adjustments, whenever necessary, which can be translated as greater agility for getting through difficult periods, in which we always seek to maintain our focus on sustainability and on our development.

In order to find out more details regarding the history of the group’s companies, everyone is welcome to visit the Julio Simões Center of Memory and Culture, which is located in our administrative headquarters in the municipality of Mogi das Cruzes. Out of respect for the important legacy left behind by the company’s founder, we are continuously working to ensure professionalism in terms of managing the business, in accordance with the best market practices. Daring, vision of the future and innovation are some of the characteristics that define the day to day within the JSL, boosted by all of those who are part of our achievements and challenges. May this young and enterprising spirit continue for many years to come, so that we can share the best results with all of our stakeholders.

JSL: the broadest portfolio of logistics services in Brazil